April Fool’s Day

1 Apr

Don’t be April’s fool…or May’s, June’s or July’s either.  Properly managing your fleet is no laughing matter.  Savings realized by real-time GPS fleet logistics can be substantial:  increase productivity by as much or more than 20%;  reduced mileage and idling saves gallons of fuel per vehicle per month.

Realize what a large investment you have in your mobile fleet and how foolish it would be not to properly manage this asset.

Consider the following:  how much different would your bottom line look if you saved a half gallon of fuel per day per vehicle?…saved two hours of overtime per employee during a pay period?…had a maintenance schedule automatically tracked for every vehicle in your fleet so that you knew exactly when a vehicle was due for oil changes, inspections, etc.?

We have customers in all types of businesses who rely on their GPS tracking solution to do all of the above and more.

Prove it to yourself by trying a no obligation Pilot Test in your own vehicles…after using our application for several days, you will know why GPS Fleet Logistics is an investment that pays for itself every day and not an additional expense!

A full return on investment is as little as two months, if not sooner.

Call today for all of the details.


Tim Doyle   412 812 1998


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